The Challenge

Since 2007, the COUNTRY Financial Security Index had been diligently surveying and reporting each month how Americans felt about their finances, being able to retire, and saving for college. However, after the 2008 recession, although the insights in the Index became more valuable to people searching for perspective, the economic downturn had also eroded their trust in the insurance and financial industry. To earn it back, in 2010, COUNTRY Financial wanted to revitalize its survey and put the personal back in personal finance.

Strategic and Creative Approach

To accomplish this, we re-examined everything from the message to the medium with the COUNTRY Financial Security Index while keeping the consumer in mind and the new ways people were consuming information on social media and interacting with brands in real-time.

This exploration led us to evolve the COUNTRY Financial Security Index from a monthly survey stored on a static microsite and distributed to the media with a press release to a dynamic online platform with a weekly blog and Twitter account that connected directly with people.

Beyond the distribution platforms, we gave the "business" style of the COUNTRY Financial Security Index microsite a dose of color and character. The redesigned blog featured a more vibrant and inviting color palate and personal touches, such as spotlighting the people behind the brand and the site’s content.

We injected personality into the content, too, which moved away from straightforward press releases to more conversational copy crafted to start a dialogue and share personal finance anecdotes from the company’s employees.


The pivot from professional to personal financial advice paid off. After the launch of the blog in 2010, page views kept climbing year over year with a 129% increase by 2012. In a single year alone, the blog’s Twitter account organically attracted 800 followers.