The Challenge

Gramovox was already making a name for itself among vinyl enthusiasts with a successful Kickstarter for its one-of-a-kind vertical turnable.

To truly grow beyond its core customers, though, Gramovox needed to excite a broader audience with the Floating Record and position it as an all-in-one solution that meets the needs of everyone from casual listeners to vinyl enthusiasts.

Strategic and Creative Approach

Working with Gramovox's digital marketing team, we identified four affinity groups beyond vinyl enthusiasts who had shown an interest in ads for the Floating Record.

To truly unlock this opportunity and get people who more closely see themselves as home decor enthusiasts, foodies, or fitness or travel buffs excited about The Floating Record, we first needed to understand the role their own passion plays in their life and then awaken their inner music lover.

I developed the consumer insights for each audience and deduced the role their individual passion plays in their purchase decisions. Then, I defined how The Floating Record complements or meets their unique needs.

I used these insights to create personalized copy for Facebook ads targeting each unique audience group to drive both consideration and conversion.


The ad creative helped to drive an average 0.60% click-through-rate, which exceeds Gramovox's benchmark of 0.30%, and also generated conversions within the first week.

Floating Record Ad 1
Floating Record Ad 2
Floating Record Ad 3