The Challenge

National Dairy Council has long been a trusted resource among the dairy industry and health and wellness community.

However, over the years, its website had become difficult for visitors to use, especially on mobile. As a result, online traffic had been stagnating, and visitors were leaving shortly after they arrived.

To combat this, National Dairy Council needed to transform is information-rich, yet dated website into a highly visual, modern, and responsive website that both pays homage to the 100-year history of the organization and celebrates its current mission and goals for the future.

Strategic and Creative Approach

The website re-launch had to strike a delicate balance between modernizing yet retaining the wealth of resources of the current site.

To ensure the new would still feel familiar, we rooted the site in the history and priorities of the organization, figuratively, and literally with our streamlined navigation. While the visuals brought the spirit of the brand to life, it was the copy that was challenged with conveying the depth and breadth of the organization – while still in a succinct, mobile-friendly manner. To achieve that, we worked closely with National Dairy Council executives and registered dietitians to weave the 100-year history, nutritional facts, and brand personality together just right.


The redesigned has resonated with new and long-time visitors who are remaining on the website for longer than before the redesign. A year after the new site launched, session duration is up 27%. Additionally, the site's bounce rate is down 25%, and the number of pages people visit per session has increased by 21%.