The Challenge

One’s curiosity knows no limits. It has the power to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators. College professors are in a unique position to encourage students to be curious at a critical point in their academic lives. Packback – with its Packback Questions community learning platform – is also in a unique position to help professors encourage their students to apply lessons learned in class to ask bigger questions and offer more innovative answers.

But before Packback could help professors, it needed to pique their curiosity in its Packback Questions platform.

Strategic and Creative Approach

Each and every day, students are having impactful conversations on Packback Questions. The value of the platform is immediately clear from the depth and breadth of their conversations. To get professors interested in learning about Packback Questions, Packback had to not only reinforce the value of curiosity but also convey the rich discussions happening on its platform.

With that goal in mind, Packback used its Curious Wanderings blog to engage directly with professors. I worked with Packback as a blog contributor, crafting articles showing the role of curiosity in well-known individuals' success as well as the top questions and answers from the community on Packback Questions.


This work is currently in execution